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Camera Card Recovery ServicesRecovery Services

Deletion or Re-formatting

A camera card can be accidentally re-formatted or pictures can be deleted during transfer or editing. Do not attempt to take pictures, as this could result in overwriting the sectors. We are very successful in recovering those pictures.
Deleted Photos

Data Corruption

Data corruption can be caused by static electricity (can also cause physical damage), software malfunction, or not properly removing the device. Our engineers can work through the corruption and successfully get to the data sectors.
Deleted Photos

Physical Damage

These small cards can easily be dropped, bent, and crushed which can damage the internal components of the camera card. Our solid state camera card recovery engineers are equipped to fix a mechanically failed camera card. We have the ability to replace chip sets, re-solder leads and remove memory chip to reprogram.
Physical Damaged Camera Card

Liguid and Heat Damage

Cameras can easily be dropped in water or left in extreme temperatures. Both of these scenarios can cause damage to the internal components of the camera card. Again, we can take the necessary steps to mechanically re-build, yielding a positive recovery of your photos.
Camera Card Recovery
We offer professional camera card recovery services for those customers that want their photos back. We have the technology and experience to recover photos from almost any type of situation and type of camera card.

Compact Flash Camera Card SD Camera Card
Compact Flash Secure Digital (SD) Cards
xD Camera Card Memory Stick Camera Cards
xD Picture Cards Memory Sticks
Smart Media Camera Card Micro Drive Camera Card
Smart Media Micro Drives
  This is actually a mini hard drive and would be treated as such. See our parent company for details on hard drive data recovery. www.DataTechLab.com

Our parent company, DataTech Labs is equipped to recover data from all other digital media devices to include, Thumb Drives, Laptop computers, Desktop computers, Servers and more. Please visit DataTech Labs for these and other types of media.